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What is social media marketing?

The SMM stands for social media marketing. As the name suggests, the SMM is advertising different products and services on social media networks. It is a process of providing the customers to companies and service providers that are interested in specific products and services. The purpose of SMM is to promote the business and making awareness in public.

social media marketingWhat are the six types of social media?

There are many social media platforms are available, but some most commonly used social media platforms are given below :

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snap chat
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube

Terms of promotion

The SMM is a type of marketing using the internet. There are many social media platforms used as a tool to drive more traffic on sites and reached customers with social media platforms. It is a way of raising the site through organic traffic in search engines. It is considered that 90% of people searching the internet do not look on pages except the first page, and 70% of users only click on the first three results. That’s why the position of the site is paly a significant role in traffic on sites. To solve this problem, when the competition is very high, we can use social media platforms to drive more traffic on sites.

Purpose of Social media marketing

The purpose of SMM is clear. It is used to improve the interaction with users. On the other hand, enhance the communication with users that are interested in your products and services. It is the process of creating friendly Content that our users share with their friends. Increase the communication with customers is the cause of trust between user and provider. Users can give feedback, making complaints asking some questions. This type of SMM is known as social CRM.

social media marketingHow to Use

The social media network is used to attracts specific users to particular sites. The search engine care for social networks because many people use social media to find something according to their needs. There are two types of SMM are given below :

  • Active SMM
  • Passive SMM

Active SMM

The active SMM is referred to the adding share buttons in Content on the websites. When the user reads, the Content can share it with friends on different social networks by using share buttons. These are given below :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

Each platform has its terms and conditions—many types of people found in these platforms.

Passive SMM

It means promoting sites and products by uploading stories, images with the site’s link, Content with the site’s and product’s link on different social media platforms. Users’ reactions could be further examined to fix problems and eliminate dissatisfaction and boost their new experience. What’s useful mainly is that information is accessed instantly, accelerating the whole procedure and opening the doorway to another dimension of collaboration. Passive advertising means boosting social networks’ actions by upgrading statuses, publishing pictures, tweets, or posts on sites.

Why social media is suitable for marketing?

Social Networking is a Vital piece of your Organization Promoting strategy.

Social platforms help you connect with your clients, improve awareness about your brand, and enhance your prospects and sales. … 52 percent of social networking marketers think social networking positively influences their institution’s earnings and sales. By routine updating the proper social networking marketing plan, it will cause more significant traffic, better SEO, enhanced brand loyalty, much healthier customer satisfaction, and a whole lot more. Your competition is growing on social networking daily, so do not let your opponents take your likely clients.

How Social media marketing works

The social media platforms allow the marketers to promote content on social media and engage with it. If the people interested in so that they visit their sites and further share it with their friends. It is a way of build trust between user and marketer. To make the business worthy, there are following these must follow steps.


In this stage, the marketer determined the goals, what social media platforms to be used, and what type of Content will be upload on those social media channels.

Preview and uploading

It is essential to preview the Content before uploading. And the other most crucial factor is the time when the Content is uploaded on social media platforms.


The other step is to see the analytic, what is the performance of the posts, how many people engaged, what people say about the posts etc. For this purpose, many tools are used; some are paid, and many are free.

Paid Promotions

The best option is to promoting by paid ads. You can purchase paid ads. Many social media platforms are offering this facility. Every forum has its pricing plans and strategies.

social media marketingDisadvantages Of Social media marketing

With some significant advantages of SMM, some benefits affect the performance of ads on social media. Suppose the viral video claim that the companies product make the users ill. It fills the mind of other users mind with fear. Resultant the users maybe change their minds to purchase such product. The viral video may be fake, but it affects the business.

What does a social media agency do?

The social media marketing agencies first choose the best audience on different social media platforms according to service and products. The next step marketing agencies do to creating the Content that attracts specific users and drives more traffic on site. The Content may be video, image, blogs, ads, etc. Then determine and analyze the performance and find the reasons that stop the traffic. The final step is to measure the progress.

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